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    I'm very happy with the software. I would like to have in my database colecction a view and a report by tracks. I have a collection of classical music, I have diferents versios and i need search into de tracks the diferents versions.

    Thank you

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    You can search for tracks by title in the current version. Click menu : Album / Advanced Search, select "Track Title", "contains", the words that you expect in track title, and press Add to List. Then press Search button. You can use "is exactly" verb instead of "contains" if you know exactly what is the title of the song you're looking for.

    However, track reporting features are not yet implemented. They will be added in version 6.


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    Without wanting to be too pointed about it, when will version 6 be released? I would love to be able to report by track, and make a page on my website with a simple track listing.

    Thanks for an otherwise fantastic product!!


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