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Thread: CDDB2 like Musiclabel 2005

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    Default CDDB2 like Musiclabel 2005

    Why don't you use CDDB2 like eg Musiclabel 2005 ( [url][/url] ) ? It contains much more information about each entry..

    also will your interface be more modern like musiclabel 2005 in ver 6?


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    Why don't YOU use Musiclabel 2005, and let us use OrangeCD, which is obviously working just well for us? What's the point of coming to the official website for a product and then asking why the people using said product don't use the (possible) competition?

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    Gracenote CDDB2 can not be used with OCD because it uses a completely different protocol. But Friend that is not the only reason. CDDB2 is not a freeware and belongs to corporate America. It can not be used without proper licensing. And I do not think that Andrei will be foolish enough to jeopardize the best cataloging software in the world.

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