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    One good reason to quit is cost. You

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    Excuse me, but what in BLAZES does this remotely have to do with OrangeCD?

    Get off of this board!!!!

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    Yo ....

    Speaking for my CD's, they are all non smokers. And I mean all 700 and plus of them. See they are made of vinil type material which actually are very sentitive to smoke. So I'm not going to talk about second hand smoke for it creates a nasty coating that affect the laser reading of the engraved data on them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but CD's do not reproduce themselves, so there is no risk of getting impotent or having a pulmonary embolism for they do not have a respiratory system. So there is no reason for them to quit since they have never started in the first place... But in the other hand you must quit littering this forum with your garbage, and have some respect for other people. This is an intrusion that we do not tolerate here. So let's all be responsible. This is a clean Forum for OCD users nothing else.
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