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Thread: Importing From Microsoft Works to OrangeCD

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    Default Importing From Microsoft Works to OrangeCD

    I started my database last year with Microsoft Works not realizing that there is a maximum # of entries = 32,000
    The data I've entered so far is all from LPs and is in the following form:
    Field 1 = Song Title
    Field 2 = Performer
    Field 3 = Album Title
    Field 4 = Format (LP, CD, CASS, Etc.)
    Is there some way to get this info transferred to my just started OrangeCD database?? Thanks.
    - Brent

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    Default Re: Importing From Microsoft Works to OrangeCD

    If you're able to convert your existing database to cdplayer.ini format, you should be able to import your collection into OCD using Database | Import and export.... and then select Import from Windows CD Player.

    You probably already have a cdplayer.ini file in your C:\Windows folder. CDPlayer.ini is a file that is used to store album information. It was originally generated by the default CD player that shipped with Windows 95/98. Other audio programs have adopted this standard, and can read and write to this file.

    Here's a sample:


    artist=Glenn Miller
    title=Big Bands
    0=In The Mood
    1=Pennsylvania 6-5000
    2=Moonilight Becomes You
    3=Sunrise Serenade
    4=Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree
    5=Moonlight Serenade
    6=Elmer's Tune
    7=Goin' Home
    8=Juke Box Saturday Night
    9=Tuxedo Junction
    10=Chattanooga Choo Choo
    11=Caribbean Clipper
    12=Moonlight Cocktail
    13=American Patrol
    14=At Last
    15=(I've Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo
    16=Danny Boy
    17=Serenade In Blue
    18=A String Of Pearls
    19=I Know Why
    20=Little Brown Jug

    This may provide some useful info about cdplayer.ini: [url][/url]

    The CDPlayer Playlist Converter (PLC) may be of some help. Take a look at [url][/url]. PLC is freeware.

    Here you will find info on how to create a unique audio CD volume label: [url][/url].

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