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    Hello !

    This is my first week using OrangeCD, I can say it's what I've been looking for since ages. I have more than 160 DVD's Music and all in MP3 format. Once I found this software, I began to dance all night. It's perfect and I really thenk you for you categorized my music in away I never dreamed of.

    I read mostly all the posts here in this forum and you guys doing great. but I faced a problem with something. I have about 140,000 MP3 file and all categorized well in this way :

    Sound: / A: Anathema / All Faith Is Lost (demo )
    The Crestfallen Ep
    We Are the Bible

    After Forever / Ephemeral (demo)
    Wings of Illusion
    Prison of Desire

    Autumn Tear / Albums

    B: Beseech / From a Bleeding Heart

    C: Cradel Of Filth / Albums

    And so on.... Each derived from an alphabitical letter then the band comes then the albums....

    the problem is once I used the CMI Style, It appears in too many options but the main option is lost which is to explore the bands by clicking on the letter. I know it's doable but when you click on a letter the band appears with all its albums. What I want is when I click on the letter A for example I need to see the names of the bands then when I click on a name of a band, I need to see their albums. Many said about this in this forum but no scripter could give a specific answer. would you please gimme the code that I can add to the .dax so I can skip this bug and look for another ...

    PS. There's someone who fixed this bug but I couldn't contact him. below is a link to his collection. Please advice.



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    I was going to ask this question but saw it was already posted, does anyone have a good solution?

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    I doubt that this can be done with standard OCD programming (html+javascript). It requires an extra page layer, which there is no provision for in OCD, as far as I can see.

    One way to achieve the functionality you're looking for, would be to export the OCD data to a text file. Then you'd have to write your own scripts (in php, vbs, perl, .....) to create the web pages - using the OCD text file as input.

    The link in Masocist's post points to a web site that I would assume has been created using php.

    However, I may be completely mistaken. Maybe someone out there has found a way to tweak OCD into creating an extra layer of html pages.

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