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Thread: Changing artist to Collaboration crashes OrangeCD

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    Quote Originally Posted by gurnemanz View Post
    But this ongoing collaboration error is still there:
    Latest update has corrected this! Thanks very much, Andrei.

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    Just to let you know, I have entered scores of CDs including many with collaborations and had no issues on the newest build - thanks much for fixing this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gurnemanz View Post
    Whilst on collaboration, this useful feature is still a bit buggy in some respects.

    I have noticed that sometimes for no obvious reason artists properly entered as a collaboration later appear decollaborated (if that word exists) eg Tom & Jerry as one unit. I then have to go back and separate them again.
    Quoting myself here. The above error is still happening. It is annoying and fiddly to have to go back and re-enter these collaborations that have joined togther.

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    And many of the collaborations - as I have pointed out a number of times - still do not get the proper sort names. The proposed solution actually made things worse.

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