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    Default Running on notebook, ipad or...

    Found out my Asus netbook is far too slow to work with Orange cd, especially if the db is opened from my upstairs pc.

    It would be very handy if it would somehow work on my ipad...

    Any thoughts?

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    Andrei mentioned a cross-platform future for OrangeCD in this thread: [url][/url], I would assume that an iPad version could well be a possibility in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

    I switched to Apple computers several years ago, and have been using OrangeCD via a virtual machine running WindowsXP, with no problems. (OCD is the only windows software that I'm still using).

    If you use Parallels Desktop on a Mac (as the virtual machine), you can use the Parallels Mobile app on your iPad... From there you can control OrangeCD from your iPad (while not technically running it on the iPad).

    No idea if there are any other options open to you at this point.


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