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Thread: Different folders for the same artist

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    Default Different folders for the same artist


    I have been spending the last several months entering my CD's into OrangeCD and I really like the software, but have an issue that I cannot seem to resolve. I have entered several Stevie Ray Vaughan CD's and for some reason, the database has decided to give a seperate folder to one of the CD's for this artist. I have no idea why it's doing this since all the other CD's for this artist are in a single folder. I have had this happen before and I simply deleted the CD and entered it again and all was OK, but I would like to prevent this from happening again. I have checked to make sure there are no spaces between the artist name or any other difference so I cannot figure out whats going on. Any suggestions?

    On another note, its great to be a part of this forum and I look forward to learning a lot from those more experienced with this software...hello!!

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    Try dragging the offending CD and dropping it into correct folder. This should fix album placement.


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