I'm sure that this has been mentioned before, but I can't remember if any resolution was found/issued.

The total number of "albums" in my OrangeCD database is 5141.
The total number of albums in my Racks & Tags account is 4783.

This is after my most recent update, both numbers should be the same.

Is there any way to get OrangeCD to count the total number of unique releases and not just each disc?

When I add a double album, I want OrangeCD to record it as being one album, not two as it currently does.

The situation is further confused by the statistics info. I have one 10 album boxed set in my collection, each record was individually added, and grouped as a set. This should show in the statistics as ONE 10 album set, however with the way it works at present, I have TEN 10 album sets!!

Is this fixable? Maybe there's a tweak that can be done using DaxEdit?