Hi all just got the software and I am currently inputing my 1000+ c.d's. I have just got myself a cuecat barcode scanner to help with the task but I seem to be having a problem.

The scanner is modified by which I think means that when you scan the bar code the relevant numbers in text are displayed in UPC field. That is working fine but every c.d I search is coming up with bad HTTP status code. I know that some of my c.d's will not be in amazon but I have tried quite a few of them and the outcome is always the same bad HTTP status code. I have tried changing the search data base to the UK amazon data base and still no luck. I have also downloaded the micrsoft patch for the parse issue that Andrei has suggested and still the same problem.

I have had a quick look through the forum for any information but I can not seem to find any reference to this problem. So the call is going out there...can anyone help me??? What am I doing wrong