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  1. Correcting my system default time zone did not...

    Correcting my system default time zone did not resolve the issue. Uninstalled, removed subfolders from MUSIC folder, reinstalled. Issue persisted.

    Uninstalled and THIS time downloaded the...
  2. Racksandtags uploaded without error. Going to...

    Racksandtags uploaded without error. Going to uninstall completely and reinstall and see if that fixes it. Noticed my system time defaulted to the wrong time zone, wondering if that could be a...
  3. Unspecified Error when trying to add anything from Discogs (Amazon yeilds 0 results)

    I previously used OrangeCD without error on my Windows 7 system. Just performed a fresh reinstallation of Windows 7 and reinstalled the trial of OrangeCD. Loaded my archived catalog with no...
  4. UPDATE - USB Support for barcode scanners

    Update: To activate USB support within the VB for :CueCats and other barcode scanners -

    Simply connect the device before initalizing the virtual environment and then right-click on the USB cable...
  5. Successfully run OrangeCD in Linux! Instructions here!

    Using OrangeCD in Linux
    by innerspaceboy

    FINALLY - I have successfully installed and run OrangeCD v6.4.4 in Ubuntu 11.10. Every feature that I've tested thus far appears to be working.

  6. pmckeealaska - I just added Rich's Somnium DVD to...

    pmckeealaska - I just added Rich's Somnium DVD to my ambient collection and remembered this thread. Came here to post it and was amazed to see you had me beat by one day!

    The ultimate trump card...
  7. Ah, I see - in the single album view the heading...

    Ah, I see - in the single album view the heading reads "Notes," so I was looking for a column called "notes." I missed the "Personal Notes" option which I see now that you've pointed it out.

  8. Many thanks

    OrangeCD and the members of its forum never cease to amaze me. Every time I look for a feature or function that I think is missing from the application, I find it here.

    Thank you all!
  9. Another vote for the notes field in table/preview mode

    I too would like to be able to preview the notes field when viewing multiple albums.

    Example: I'd set up the columns to display Artist, Title, Catalog #, and Year followed by the Notes field to...
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    Innerspaceboy's Collection

    My catalog is finally up!

    The greeting page contains direct links to my top 15 artist’s discographies. I've also set up the profile so you can toggle between the complete catalog and a...
  11. Longest track

    If we include live performances, my longest single track is:

    Underworld - 08/08/2010 Essential Mix (4 hours 57 min 56 sec)

    If we're only talking about songs, my longest is:

    KLF - Chill Out...
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    Another vote for sort-by-category/genre!

    I was just searching to forum to find out if/how to do exactly that. Searching through thousands of titles can't convey the same information that a quick genre search could offer.

    I know my...
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    Likely solution!

    I've figured it out!

    I highlighted the albums in OrangeCD that have "Brian Eno" tagged as the artist.

    Right-clicked and selected ARTIST PROFILE.

    Sure enough - the PRIMARY NAME field read,...
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    Damaged artist entry: "3869871"

    I've encountered a strange error.

    After uploading my collection to RackandTags and viewing my top 50 artist map I saw in giant letters "Brian Eno - Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills) (1978-1982)."
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    The number of albums on my Racks and Tags profile...

    The number of albums on my Racks and Tags profile is 27 albums shorter than my OrangeCD catalog. I've tried TOOLS - PUBLISH ON RACKS AND TAGS, I tried the FORCE UPDATE method mentioned above, and...
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    Thank you, I've just forwarded the original...

    Thank you, I've just forwarded the original message to both addresses.

    If you don't receive the email by tomorrow, please let me know.

    Thanks for answering my question!
  17. Re: Please read: Barcode scanners and OrangeCD Cat

    The USB :CueCat (Cat. No. 68-1966) made adding my CDs a breeze.
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    Account upgrade inquiry

    I wrote to with questions regarding an account upgrade on December 31st of last year and I haven't received a response just yet. Any idea how long it takes the team to reply...
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    So happy to have been of help! Perhaps in a...

    So happy to have been of help! Perhaps in a future update he might change that field to read, "Keywords / Cat #" for those who might otherwise miss this beautiful function.
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    Discogs release solution

    The addition of the Discogs search was what sold me on OCD, as Discogs tends to have entries for most of the obscure vinyl that doesn't come up on Amazon.

    I got tired of entering in album titles...
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