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    Windows7 and updates

    OrangeCD is the best - buy it now without hesitation.
    Works 100% perfectly in Windows 7.
    Even though it's been unusually long since the last update, they're always free.

  2. Re: Support for Windows 7 & Internet Explorer

    New release version [6.2.8] installed and is working perfectly with Win7 and IE8. Thanks Andrei you legend!
  3. Re: Support for Windows 7 & Internet Explorer

    I would DEFINITELY like to try a potentially IE8-friendly version. If I could I would uninstall IE8 but it's not really possible with Win7. Thanks!
  4. Re: Support for Windows 7 & Internet Explorer

    Same problem here. I'm running Windows 7 beta 1 but I get the feeling the real problem is IE8 since WilhelmStroker is having the problem in Vista. One thing I tried but sadly did not appear to work...
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    Re: three suggestions

    Hi Blowers,

    Thanks for your informative reply - I never noticed the "Synchronize content" button!

    I guess points (1) and (2) would be solved if there was an option to "ALWAYS Synchronize...
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    three suggestions

    G'day.. please let me know if these features are already part of OrangeCD and I just haven't figured out how to select them. My suggestions are not major features, just nice-to-have tweaks in my...
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