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Thread: Playback order issue when using JRiver MC for player

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    Default Playback order issue when using JRiver MC for player

    I'd like to use JRiver MC as the default file player in Orange CD. Only problem is that when I select an album the playback order is switched from track number to alphabetical filename order. Any suggestions on how to fix? JRiver forum admin says when using third party to initiate JR player all bets are off.

    *One more thing. When playing an individual track or queuing a single track everything is fine. Only have a track order problem when playing an album
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    There is a similar problem when playing (or queueing) an album through Media Monkey using OCD. However, instead of the tracks playing in alphabetic order, they play in random order. And that order differs everytime I play any album. As ronaldg says, tracks play just fine and if I play a track rather than an album the track that plays is the one I select. Fortunately, it is rather easy to sort the tracks into the right order in Media Monkey, but it means that queueing rather than playing is the better approach, because I can then sort the tracks properly before starting to play them. That makes it a three step process rather than one step, but it is one I can live with.

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