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    Well here goes,
    I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium and I'm been given new updates to install (critical & optional). But after these updates OrangeCD won't display correctly. The program starts running and I can see the folders pane on the left, but in the main window nothing can be seen. If I try to open any folder from the pane I get a pop up window appear, but it's gone so quickly that I can't make out what's displayed in it (if anything). The only way I can get the program to run is by using system restore & taking the updates off. But then windows informs me these are Critical updates.
    Anybody else seeing this strange occurrence?

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    I ran OCD in Windows 7 for 3 years.. applied every update that came along.. never had your problem.. updated to Window 8 when it came out... still running OCD with no problems... I think you'll have to wait for Andrei to chime in. Sorry for your troubles.


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    I've managed to solve the problem, it was a "security update for Internet Explorer 8 for Windows 7 (KB2847204)". I did a system restore, then installed the updates one by one & it was that.
    the weird thing is I've disabled Internet Explorer (I use Firefox). Hopefully if anyone has the same issue, this will solve it

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    I suggest that you upgrade to Internet Explorer 10, even if you don't use it. I'm not technical but somehow OrangeCD uses Internet Explorer to run. (Maybe Andrei can clarify!)

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