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    Unhappy Backup

    While Cleaning out old files I seem to have lost a lot of latest catalogue.When I try to open Orange I get just 3 options - back up,new and restore. I can't seem to restore any of recent data base.Closest is about 2 years old! I thought the db. automatically kept a copy after one exited-if so where is it kept? Or have I somehow even deleted this in my clean up? incidentally have just gone over to Google chrome as replacement for Internet explorer but surely that would be irrelevant to Orange.

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    OrangeCD does not save a copy of database every time unless it was set this way in Preferences -> Backup. It is not a default setting.

    Try searching files with extensions .DAB and .OBK on your entire hard drive.

    If you can't find more recent database that way, try looking in Recycle Bin or using undelete software to restore the database.


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