I previously used OrangeCD without error on my Windows 7 system. Just performed a fresh reinstallation of Windows 7 and reinstalled the trial of OrangeCD. Loaded my archived catalog with no trouble. I am able to add media from my local HD but adding any search term from Amazon returns 0 results and Discogs returns "unspecified error."

Session log is as follows:

Connecting to [url]www.discogs.com[/url]
>| GET /artist/stockhausen?f=xml&api_key=39c57fde42 HTTP/1.1
>| Accept-Encoding: gzip
>| User-Agent: OrangeCD 6.4
>| Host: [url]www.discogs.com[/url]
>| Connection: Keep-Alive
<| HTTP/1.0 200 OK
<| (binary data)

Any thoughts?