Greetings --
Recently downloaded and installed OrangeCD, and really like it. I'm a systems programmer for a Fortune 50 company, and live in Chicago. I play guitar in a blues/rock band from Milwaukee called Big Johnson & The Thrusters (no, I did not come up with the name).

I have sent a couple of email messages to tech support and have not received any replies, so I thought I'd ask my questions here about the OrangeCD software.

I have a large music collection of nearly 10K items - LPs, CDs, 45's, etc. So, before I make the investment in time and effort, I need to know if the OrangeCD has the capacity to catalog my collection. I suspect that disc space is likely the only limitation, as opposed to some upper limit on database size. But, I'd like to know for sure.

I have cataloged around 300 items so far, and have found that the Amazon search feature is invaluable. But, in some earlier threads, there was some speculation that this feature would be removed at some future date. Is that still the case?