As the title of this thread suggests, I am a little confused.

When Racks and Tags was introduced (or My Genres as it was then)... when were invited to sign up for a free account. This offer was only supposed to be for a limited time, and my understanding was that for a limited time we could sign up for free unlimited "Pro" account.

I've not really used Racks and tags that much, mainly due to difficulties in uploading to my account. However, recently I completely rebuilt my OrangeCD database (filling in missing information, correcting typos, adding images etc).

So now I come to re-uploading my database which is currently around 4,600 albums (ironically a considerably smaller than the original), and of course, I find that I can now only upload 1000 albums, as I only have a free account!

Now, maybe I missed something back when My Genres/Racks and Tags started, but right now I just feel a little let down.

Incidentally, I also have another account which has 3,700 albums in it (opened at the same time), which of course I cannot now add too!

So, what's going on?