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Thread: Change Request: Box Set year

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    Default Change Request: Box Set year

    If you have a cd box set that include more old album the Year of the Boxset is picked from the year of the first album.


    this boxset include 3 album, one from 1974, one 1980 one 1981
    If you set correctly the various years foe each album AUTOMATICALLY the Date of the Boxset is setting to 1974.

    I must loose the various correct years and set all album to 2004.

    I think that we need a ne Field for the BoxSet Date that appear only when we select Boxset.

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    In addition to this also the Image of boxset is picked from the first album.

    But is it possible have, like my example, have a boxset that contain 3 separated album, each one with it cover, and will be very good if we can set the image for the boxset and the single image for all album in it.

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