I've encountered a strange error.

After uploading my collection to RackandTags and viewing my top 50 artist map I saw in giant letters "Brian Eno - Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills) (1978-1982)."

When I clicked it all 52 of my albums with the proper artist entry "Brian Eno" were listed.

I found the source of the problem - a single track at the end of the OHM - Early Gurus of Electronic Music CD had that exact phrase entered as the artist.

I corrected it and re-synced. Also forced a full sync and then deleted all albums and re-uploaded the collection. All 52 albums still displayed as that full phrase.

Then I tried changing all 52 Eno albums in my collection to "Eno, Brian" and re-synced. The top 50 artist map instantly changed to "Eno, Brian."

I then changed all entries in my library back to "Brian Eno" and all 52 albums on RacksandTags magically jumped back to the stubborn phrase.

*CLUE* The strangest thing is that floating my cursor over all other artists on the RacksandTags map previews a URL ending in the artist's name, the one stubborn entry does not - the URL ends in ".../artists/3869871/"

Can anyone advise as to how to resolve this issue? HUGE THANKS!