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Thread: Duplicate albums and Autofill problem

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    Default Duplicate albums and Autofill problem

    I’ve been using OrangeCD Suite for some time and find it a really good application, very powerful and flexible.

    I've had a couple of queries though, which I was hoping someone will recognise and be able to point me in the right direction.

    Is there a way to duplicate an album in the database? For example, I’ve just manually input a 5-CD compilation (over 100 tracks) since FreeDB didn’t recognise it. I have a second copy of the same compilation, which has a different reference number to the first copy). The first copy is missing CD2 (hence purchasing a second copy) so I need to be able to indicate that CD2 is missing.
    I’d like to be able to duplicate the album I’ve just created, then change the reference number and mark CD2 as missing, but can’t find any way of using copy/paste or any other options to duplicate the album or tracklistings.

    The second query I have is related to data input and more specifically, the autofill feature.
    As I enter Artist names, it’s nice to have the autofill/auto-suggest feature to cut down the number of duplicate artist entries in the database. However, only ones starting with ‘Axxxxxx’ Attachment 13 through to ‘Amxxxxxx’ Attachment 14 appear auto-filled as I’m entering them, but nothing greater. It’s as though it’s only indexing and suggesting the first x number of artists in the database. See attached screenshots for clarification. Is there a way to tell OrangeCD Suite to look at all artists in the database and match them as I’m typing them?

    I’m using version 6.4.1.

    Thanks in advance.

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