Hello everybody!

I have a few questions that I couldn't find any answer for yet ...

1) Is there a way to (globally) change the default sorting behavior of Orange CD to sort artists strictly alphabetically (in both the "Entire Collection" view as well as in exports)? In other words: Whenever an artist is called "the ..." or "a ..." I want them to be found under "t" and "a" and not under the letter that the second word starts with ...

2) Which value does return the accurate number of albums (either for the entire collection or any partial selection) and not the number of discs that dax:totalvolumes obviously returns?

3) I would really like to have a "default thumbnail" with a user definable path for every album that would be added to the collection without one otherwise. I'm afraid this would need some programming, but maybe it sounds interesting enough to be considered for a future release.

Thanks in advance,