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Thread: Lyrics missing

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    Default Lyrics missing

    hi all

    funny problem: if i scan media (mp3) i missing now the lyrics. it was work before I remember. if i check with Tag&Rename the Mp3 file is the Lyric clear inside. I have try couple of ways with ID3v1 ,ID3V2 ++++ . also i have sync both ID's . nothing

    anybody has some idea what is wrong? I use V6.1.7

    hopeful I get replay's

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    Hi Johnnie

    ID3v1 does not have a field for lyrics, so make sure to use ID3v2, or both.

    It's hard to tell why lyrics aren't imported, but I would like to investigate. Can you provide a sample of mp3 file with lyrics that causes the problem? That would help me a lot. Usually this kind of problem is fixed quickly (like in next update.)



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