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Thread: New features: Semi-Automatic Titles in tracks editing & Matrix field

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    Lightbulb New features: Semi-Automatic Titles in tracks editing & Matrix field

    other features' requests came to my mind while finishing my theme and export templates:

    It could be veeeery veeeery nice if while I'm in Record Properties "Tracks" Tab, after choosing the artist/band name, while editing every the track's "Title" field, a combo box with songs names (obviously filtered by artist/band name) would appear letting me choose the one I want or continue editing, like OCD does for custom txt fields.
    I think this would be appreciated by the majority of users and could avoid, when adding manually an album, editing always track with the same title without making mistakes or editing differently the same song's name.
    I know that it couldn't be a quick implementation, but... please do it, do it, do it, Andrei! ;-)

    (B) *** "MATRIX" FIELD ***
    There's a thing missing in the item's Properties Window:
    inside the frame 'Release information' it's missing, for a complete cd/lp archiving, the field 'Matrix' (per album), its behaviour should be like the Barcode field.
    The Matrix, usually on CDs/LPs, is an ID code printed in the inner circle of the cd/lp and identifies it apart from the ID Number printed on it, I know that there area custom text-fields available, but if I use a textbox, when I input a new Matrix, OCD retrieves all the the others available in the database, and this is unnecessary as matrix code is (or should be) unique.

    The others features missing I needed, with JavaScript functions are all solved on my own... and this is one of the great abilities (flexibility?) that OCD does have!!!!


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    Andrei, any chance to see these features in some new release ?

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    When you create a custom field for Matrix info, choose Memo and not Textbox.
    Then you will have no dropdown menu.

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    Didn't notice your post...

    Yes, but a memo field, in terms of database space, uses more space than a text field and it could allow multiline tricks, while I needed a single line-text field for my database

    The nature of a Memo field is to contain multiple text-data informations, not properly the right choice for a single info field

    that was the reason why I proposed a specific field, as all CDs have their specific matrix field
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