I've been thinking about the "Reissue" & "Release Information" sections on the Album properties pop-up, & wondering whether "Reissue" should actually be "Original Release".

My thinking goes along the line that the "Release Information" section relates to the Album (CD/LP/<whatever>) which is actually "in your hand", hence has the most complete release information.

So far, so good....so what, then, is the rationale for the "Reissue" Section. If I put on my "aging prog. rocker" hat, I would quite like to have the data for the original LP (ahem), including original artwork...(see other post), but I cannot see any rationale for data relating to a "reissue" of the Album that I actually have in my hand, and am inputting into the database.

So on those lines I would rather see the "Reissue" section restyled to "Original Issue".

But am I missing something obvious here?