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    Ok I have a problem..I made my own lil Folder link.

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    Hi RHDxSPAWNx,

    You can't achieve this by using template language alone. You will need a combination of dax and javascript here. The IF syntax is very simple:


    ...however, the condition can only be one field or macro variable. The only test possible is one that checks if the field is empty, or if macro variable is "true".

    <dax:if(composer)> - tests if Composer field has anything in it.
    <dax:if(single)> - tests if Single checkbox is checked.

    What you need is approximately this:

    <div id="acdc" style="display:none"> .... <div>
    <div id="notacdc"> .... </div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var a = '<dax:artist/>';
    if (a=='AC/DC') {
    document.getElementById('notacdc').style.display=' none';

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