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Thread: How to easily change "Browse By"

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    Default How to easily change "Browse By"

    It used to be very easy to change the "Browse By" options in versions prior to OrangeCD Catalog v 6.1x as you could pull down a menu on the left hand side of the screen.

    However, somewhere along the line, this all changed. Now there is only a box next to "Browse By" and I can't figure out how to consistenly change this easily. Specifically, I like to switch back and forth between sorting my collection by "Artist (no compilations)" and "Date Added".

    Can someone tell me how to quickly and easily do this now?

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    Default Re: How to easily change "Browse By"

    It sounds like all your dropdown presets have gone mising, If you right-click anywhere in the content tree a pop-up box will appear. If you select "Customise View...", and then select the "Drop-down presets" tab you should be able to check what presets you got, and modify them as you wish.

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