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    I am trialing orangeCD. It appears that my ARTISTSORT flac tag is not being read. When I add artistsort to the columns showing, it appears that orangeCD guesses how the artist should be sorted (i.e., "Beatles, The" rather than "The Beatles") rather than reading a tag.

    More generally, which flac tags are read by OrangeCD? Is it possible to get the program to read custom fields (e.g., "Mood")?


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    Hi Randy,

    OrangeCD only reads all attributes that have corresponding fields in OrangeCD database. Everything else, including any custom tags, is ignored.

    Also OrangeCD has its own database for "sort spellings" of artist names. You can right-click Beatles folder in the content tree, select properties and correct to how you would like it to see. You are right that by default it guesses that The part should always be moved to the end, but you can change that on the per-artist basis.

    BTW, you can also define alternative spellings of artist names, e.g. ELO = E.L.O. = Electric Light Orchestra.


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