below i posted a list of some strange things I found on OCD and DAXEDIT, oh don't forget the multivolume bug (topic 'OCD Musicians/Credits Tracks BUG with BoxSet').

--- (1) ---
In START PAGE there seems to be a bug, or I'm missing something:
in a JavaScript function, inside a loop as below, if I try to display the album title I get an error, if I use all the other fields related instead of it, they are ok, why that happens?

function CustomStatistics(isHOME, StatsTitle, StatsType) {
document.write(' <dax:album(all,artist,title)>')
document.write(' <dax:artistlink><dax:artist/></dax:artistlink>') <!-- OK -->
document.write(' <dax:albumpagelink><dax:title/></dax:albumpagelink>') <!-- I got an ERROR!!! -->
document.write(' <br>')
document.write(' </dax:album>')


another curious thing is that I use a thing like this

instead of

I get no error and if I click on 'BlaBla' the link to the album's page works perfectly (?!)

--- (2) ---
In DAXEDIT, if I use CTRL+F OCD Editor seems to select a word plus the next character.
Also if I use CTRL+F on a word shorter than the previous selected, the textbox will be filled with a mix of the shorter word, then the rest of the previous, or something like that, but the result is always that I have to copy and paste or digit the word to search in the textbox.

--- (3) ---
In beta 3, TextBoxes 6 to 8 if checked per-track setting, they didn't work, as their values will not be saved: in the official v6 it seems that only textbox 8 still doesn't work per track.

--- (4) ---
before latest versions, there wasn't page numbers to access to some tabs from DAXEDIT code, now most of them are accessible and the number for tabs are:
0 General (also 6(!?))
1 Tracks
2 Artwork
3 Credits
7 Musicians
8 Recording
9 Library
4 Notes
5 Custom 1

it will be possible to have access to these remaining tabs in a future revision?

? Custom 2
? Custom 3
? Custom 4
? Misc