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Thread: Local freedb and/or cdplayer.ini

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    I definitely like your player however I would like to make a few suggestions:

    1) make it look in the local version of the FreeDB/CDDB people can store on their computer. I myself use Exact Audio Copy to rip CDs to MP3 and store the (usually altered) information from FreeDB in c:\my documents\cddb.

    2) Before I started using EAC I played my CDs through the Windows CD Player and therefore the cdplayer.ini file also contains a lot of info on my CDs. Checking this file would also be very handy.

    3) Make the CDplayer able to play music digitally (feeding the bits to the DSP of the soundcard) for those people whose soundcard's DSP is better then the one from the CD-Rom (like me !)

    Keep up the good work guys, it's a great and very compact player (I like that)!!!

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    thank you for suggestions. I will look how this could be done.

    Looking into cdplayer.ini and local CDDB is useful, but there is an easy workaround: you can import them into your database. Not exactly what you want, still...

    Playback through the soundcard DSP is a great idea for the player, and I added myself a todo item.


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