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Thread: Capitals and Lower Case

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    Default Capitals and Lower Case

    I downloaded earlier today and am putting some CDs on a database getting info from CDDB.

    The most annoying thing about CDDB is when the infor comes across in CAPITALS when I want it formated Nicely In Lower Case with Leading Capital Letters!

    A nice touch would be to be able to convert from CAPITALS to Proper or Lower Case.

    Great software...... I am likely to register.....

    Hitesh (UK)

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    Default Re: Capitals and Lower Case


    Next build will have the features you'll probably like:

    - lowercase/uppercase/leading caps conversions for track titles;
    - removing quotes "..." from track names;
    - separating artist and title for tracks.

    The features are already in testing stage.

    Thank you for comments,

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