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    The more I use the software..... the more I like it. Great stuff. Here are a few more features..... in no particular order... that would be most useful..... and keep you programming for months to come!!!!

    Value Field (for Insurance purposes)

    Export whole Database not just current CD to HTML (two options - full or excluding graphics)


    Audit -Find all CDs for which there is no cover artwork

    Audit - Track Info Missing. Find all CDs for which Track Info is missing

    Preview CDDB info before importing. Useful when more then 1 match is found so you can select which of the matches is best

    Batch CDDB acquire: for all CDs for which track info is missing

    Batch CDDB Submission: For all CDs in collection, check to see if there is an entry on CDDB, if not, then submit info to CDDB

    After adding track details to database from CDDB, option to seek artwork on Amazon.Co.Uk or Amazon.Com

    Random Select a CD. Click on a button to randomly select a CD

    Screen saver. When program has been idle, then a screen saver based on all artwork kicks in

    Web Links to open in new window

    Any thoughts on above.

    Regards, Hitesh

    PS - Registration is on the way!!!

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    thank you for suggestions. Please let me think a while, then I'll post here my comments and plans regarding the features.


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