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Thread: Albums from the Gutter

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    My album collection site, nothing special.
    I do work hard to find album covers and correct release years.
    There are only a few albums in my collection without those fields filled.
    I haven't updated it lately but I'm working on that today.
    Check it out and reply with comments and suggestions!

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    Nice site there Jim. Looks like it's primarily Punk?
    Just out of sheer curiosity, how many Albums are in there.

    Anyway thanks for sharing it with us It's always intersting to have anosey at what others are listening to 8)

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    yes lots of punk rock a few other genres as well.
    So far I have 447+ albums, far away from FC. ;D

    It's very nice to see others collections here, glad to know I'm not alone in my album collecting hobby.

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    Keep up the good work Gutter.See you on the Battlefield. ;D

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