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    Hi all,
    I am a new user of Orange CD. I wonder why I don't see already entered 'composers', 'producers', and other info. How relational is the database. it there a list of entered items to pick from in future data entries?
    Furthermore, I have a song on two CD's by different artists. Do I need to enter the lyrics once, or can I see the lyrics as an entity itself, refering to it from different tracks.
    Very curious I am.


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    Hi Coert,

    When you add a new value in composer/producer field of some album, it should be added automatically to the drop-down list of composers or producers for all albums. However, there are issues with displaying drop-down list in fields of Track properties, but this is a known problem and it will be fixed on some stage.

    Unfortunately, lyrics are not reusable. The only way to assign same lyrics to different songs is via data duplication.


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