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    I have to say this program is excellent and tempted to buy but it worries me that the last update was over a year ago.

    Hear v6 is in the works but this looks like its being going on for ages with no actual news about it.

    Anyone doing Closed beta's can you atleast tell us when the last beta was released so i know its atleast still being actively developed.

    Holding off until i know fully its still active.


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    No need to worry. The latest pre-beta was released April 10th (v.5.9.9 build 8810). And it all looks very promising.

    To see a list of new ALBUM and ARTIST properties + new PREFERENCES found in OCD v.5.9.9 build 8728, click the link below:


    To see a list of the new programming tags in v.5.9.9 build 8728 (2005-03-29), click the link below:


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    Does this latest beta version, fix/improve on the following.

    1. Rescan a folder and only add new albums.
    2. In 2or more compilation album, have the option that
    lets mp3tags of titles that have CD1 and CD2 inthem
    still behave as part of a single album set, ie 1/2, 2/2

    few others but can't remember them,

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    Right i gone a registered this excellent proggy.

    Quick question,

    how long after getting my REGSOFT key do i gain
    access to the Dailys

    been 7hours from time of this email..

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    You should be able to immediately gain access to the Daily Build page once you have your RegSoft Key. However, it may be that Andrei has to manually update the database. Did you try to get access to the Daily Build page already?


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    looks like i have to wait until the beta area database is updated with my reg details. still can't get in using all the diff passwords of Regsoft give me.

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