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Poll Results
Which smartphone do you carry with you:
Apple iPhone27.5%
Windows Mobile17.6%
Palm Treo3.3%
Still none36.6%
Which media player do you prefer:
Windows Media Player33.1%
None of the above23.6%
Do you own dedicated media center computer or network media player?
Yes, media center21.6%
Yes, Squeezebox7.8%
Yes, Roku2.6%
iPod is all I need22.4%
None of the above45.7%
Do you have bootleg recordings in your music collection?
What is bootleg?17.9%
What kind of display do you use with your primary computer?
LCD (flat panel)40.3%
CRT (conventional)59.7%
Do you use XP visual styles ("themes") on your computer?
No, I don't have Windows XP17.5%
No, plain old windows are better38.5%
Do you have vinyl records or tapes in your collection?
Yes, I love records70.5%
Yes, but I am getting rid of them10.9%
Nah, it's 21st century, man!..18.6%
Do you own or plan to buy a new handheld computer this year?
I own PocketPC25.4%
I own Palm or compatible42.4%
I plan to buy PocketPC this year2.3%
I plan to buy Palm4.0%
Maybe in a couple of years...26.0%
How many albums do you normally purchase every month?
less than 330.0%
4 to 1055.7%
11 to 3011.4%
more than 302.9%
Do you have...
Only MP3s5.7%
Mostly MP3s and some CDs6.6%
Even parts of MP3s and CDs8.1%
Mostly CDs and some MP3s13.7%
Only CDs37.9%
I don't know what MP3 is28.0%
Do you have a music related web site?
Yes, I do25.7%
I am going to create one17.1%
I would create one if it were easy21.7%
Never thought about it35.4%
How many albums do you own?
less than 508.0%
50 to 20020.9%
200 to 50030.3%
500 to 100018.9%
1000 to 200011.4%
more than 200010.4%
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January 30, 2022
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