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    Hello Andrei. I imagine that you are quite a busy guy so I probably shouldn't expect a response soon. I just created my account with Racks and Tags. I began my first upload and everything went smooth. I then received a message stating that I could only upload 1000 albums because of the type of account I have. I should get the PRO account. Unlimited albums, no ads, etc. So, I just finished paying $25 to get the Pro account. I logged out, restarted my computer...rescan my library (3300 albums) and proceeded to upload my database again about 45 minutes later. After the upload process...STILL only 1000 albums show in my account. I have verified that I have the Pro account, but I am missing the other 2300 albums. Please let me know what I can do.

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    I think you did everything right.

    However, it takes time for the database to add all your albums (up to 10 minutes). You probably saw your old album count only, while the new albums were still being processed. Once all albums are processed, the number changed to 3300.


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    Andrei, thanks for your quick response. Yes, that is exactly what happened. It took about 15 minutes and all the albums populated. I realize I have a pretty extensive collection. Thanks for the help. Great product you have with Orange CD and now with Racks and Tags, even better.

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