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11-02-2002, 12:00 PM
One thing that makes Orange (and the idea of cataloguing music) attractive to me, is to find out on which CDs I have a track where Dave Douglas is playing, or on which CDs someone plays electrical harp....

Sadly, I find it hard to enter credits for musicians efficiently, and also to search for this info. It would be good to have better options for this.

PS! I'm still considering whether to insert a 1000 CDs to my computer to catalogue them or not, therefore I try to look for any problems I might bump into. So far I think Orange is excellent!!


11-02-2002, 12:08 PM

the way I try to do it now:

free text search is of course always possible...

I copy credits info from allmusic.com to "personal notes" and can see all info in the "browser view" (or what it's calles). When seeing i.e "Dave Douglas" in the "Notes" list, I'd like the words to be hot, so if you click on "Douglas", a free text search starts for "Douglas", and if you right click, you can get more choices, like "Search for albums with...", "S. f. tracks with..."

Sorry if I ask too much ;)
More will follow! :D


11-02-2002, 12:19 PM

...if I search for "John Zorn" for instance, who I know appears on several tracks on the two-disk set "State of The Union"...
(...I entered that info with "Personal Notes" in track properties, not album properties...)
...I'd like to get a list of tracks he appears on, not the albums, as many albums have many tracks (State of The Union in this example is extreme with 60 tracks/CD, but anyway!), and he plays with bands whose name I don't always remember.

Please ask me to be more clear if I'm not!


11-04-2002, 12:50 AM
Hi Kjetil,

I just want to make two comments:

First, you are right that the way OrangeCD allows entering credit information can be improved. I hope this work will be done soon, because this feature request has pretty high priority in my task list. The idea behind this future change is provide more granulation. For example, it could allow adding 3 different composers, 2 different vocalists, and all the musicians for each track, and provide independent search by all of these fields.

Second, track search feature will be added in one of the future versions. But thanks for reminder anyway.