View Full Version : How smart is CDDB?

06-28-2003, 11:52 PM
OK, I recorded an analog LP to a hard drive through a sound card. Initially it was one long file then I edited it into individual tracks and burned a CD. I was planning to manually enter the title/song info. But to my SURPRISE! the copy was correctly ID'ed through the Orange CD internet search! HOW DID IT KNOW????

07-03-2003, 04:53 AM
Hi Ron,

This is called "fuzzy logic". In short, FreeDB server looks for a specific track pattern rather than for exact match. This allows better recognition of CDs printed in different countries - they often have slightly different track lengths.

You did an accurate job cutting a recording into individual tracks, and kept songs in the same order, so the track pattern of your CD-R is so similar to the one of the official CD that FreeDB was fooled.